One can’t be too careful accepting applications for new tenants. After all, you don’t want to let someone into your building that will cause trouble for you and your other residents. If needing to run background checks for renters, Legal Research Solutions can help you out.

Legal Research Solutions has been in the business of background checks for the past 20 years. Our family run operation can get you reliable results within 48 hours of requesting them. And to guarantee our accuracy, we promise to correct any potential errors made on a report for free.

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Why Do You Need Background Checks?

Legal Research Solutions can do comprehensive background checks for any potential tenants. You can rest easy, knowing your property is in good hands.

  • Find Tenants Who Pay:

A tenant might say they can cover rent, but how do you know for sure? A credit check is the easiest way to determine the financial stability of any tenant.

  • Keep Your Current Tenants Safe:

Background checks can investigate one’s criminal history, and whether they have been convicted of a crime. Previous bad behavior can predict future bad behavior and indicate what tenants you should avoid renting to.

  • Only Attract the Best Tenants:

By performing background checks, you attract tenants that have nothing to hide, are financially stable and are likely to continue renewing their lease.

Legal Research Solutions doesn’t just create background checks for renters. Allow us to help screen potential new hires, current employees and volunteers.

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